Wood Vs Steel Garage Door

What to Consider When Choosing a Wood or Steel Garage Door in Fontana

Garage Door Repair Fontana Highlights the main difference between wood and steel garage doors. There are pros and cons to both steel and wood garage doors. Wood garage doors are more expensive than steel, both to purchase and maintain, but look marvelous. Steel doors are more durable than wood, and the doors themselves need less maintenance.

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Garage doors of Fontana, as a rule of thumb, take up one-third of your home’s curb appeal. Two critical aspects that will affect your home’s value are security and aesthetic beauty. However, some people choose safety over beauty. In the case of a garage door for our homes, the decision for the best suitable door to use sometimes is a bit difficult. When deciding between a wood or steel garage door, it often comes down to the cost of a long-lasting product, and what will give you the best service with daily use.

Price Consideration When Choosing Between a Wood or Steel Garage Door

When it comes to price considerations, your budget often determines the type of material used. Wooden doors are usually a little more expensive, compared to steel garage doors. We often make our decision based on our budget or the price range we have in mind. The most significant aspect making price a deciding factor is the fact wood door installations require a lot of work and, therefore, more working hours. Plus, wood is a generally more expensive than fabricated steel.

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Steel garage doors are trendy, due to their affordability, practicality, and availability. Steel doors do not require as much work during installation compared to wood garage doors, thus, making steel more affordable and easier to maintain.

Maintenance Considerations

Garage door repair Fontana requires a lot of maintenance. When it comes to having your doors working smoothly as well as looking good, regular maintenance is a requirement. You must either have the knowledge and time or hire professionals to maintain your garage door.

Garage doors and their working parts are affected by extreme weather. The hot, dry Fontana weather and brutally cold winters play havoc with maintenance, including drying out your garage door’s lubricants. Both wood and steel require a lot of maintenance to keep those functioning and looking good. Stained wood garage doors look more elegant, particularly with stained or beveled glass windows, than steel but require more maintenance to keep the natural wood features.

wood garage door fontanaSteel garage doors have very minimal maintenance needs, other than what is required for all doors. In as much as they are known for their durability, a fresh coat of paint every three to five years is all that’s required to keep them looking new. Steel is much more durable than wood, however. To ensure long mechanical life for wood or steel doors, have theGarage Door Doctor install and maintain your door.

When you are installing a new garage door, choosing between a wood or steel door will likely come down to your preference between style, durability and budget.

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