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Garage Door Sensors of Fontana

How To Take Care Of Your Garage Door Safety Sensors?

Here we have listed some self-maintenance tips for your garage door safety sensors.

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Garage door safety sensors are an important part of your automatic garage door opener. They have been made obligatorily on all garage door openers since 1993. They facilitate you to open the garage door using the remote control. Besides, they stop in the midway if they sense object or person in their path, thereby preventing damage and injuries. Garage door repair in Fontana has become one of the main services in that area that residents need.

Garage door safety sensors are one of the most exploited parts of the door, leading to their failure or breakdown over the time. Consequently, the door doesn’t open or close properly. With frequent maintenance, you can keep your garage door safety sensors functional for longer. Here we have listed a quick maintenance tips for your garage door safety sensors. Garage door repair is easy to manage.

What are the Causes of Fault in Garage Door Sensors?

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  • Human Error
  • Misaligning of photocell system due to accidental collision of the sensor
  • Accumulation of the dirt and debris over sending or receiving sensors
  • Falling of sunshine or other light sources on the receiving sensor, making the system think that the sensor beam has been broken.

What are the Symptoms of Faulty Garage Door Sensors?

If your door shows any of these problems, consider examining your garage door sensor for obstruction or misalignment:

  • Sudden stops and reversals.
  • Flashing lights, either on the overhead part or on the sensors themselves.
  • Opens but does not close.

Self-Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Sensors:

While you should call a professional to get your garage door sensors fixed, there are some basic maintenance tips you can do at home.

  • Turn off the sensors by disconnecting the power to them.
  • Clear the area around sensors and clear off the dust on their head.
  • Make sure sunlight is not falling on them directly.
  • Sometime, the problem may be due to the misalignment of the garage door sensors. The sensors are installed parallel to each other vertically on the garage door. If one sensor doesn’t receive the beam emitted by its opposite, the door won’t close. Here you need to align the sensors. If the beam is misaligned, a red LED light will flash on one sensor. So, move the sensors to make it parallel to the opposite one. The flash will stop once they are placed correctly. Then, tighten everything up.
  • Clear off all the items beside the tracks, usually in the corner of the garage. They may obstruct the sensor’s path.
  • Make sure to keep water contact away from the sensors while washing your car in the garage.

If these things are not working, it is better to call a garage door professional. Look no further than ASAP! We will fix your garage door safety sensors on the same day. ASAF Garage Door Repair is a trustful company specialized in garage door repair in Fontana, CA.

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