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Garage Door Springs & Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair in Fontana

Garage door spring repair in Fontana is provided by ASAF Garage Door Repair. Garage door springs are crucial components of the garage door systems. The springs help counterbalance the weight of the door which makes opening and closing easy.  Garage door springs Fontana need to be in good condition and have the sufficient spring force to pull the garage door. Contact our trusted experts at ASAF for garage door springs, repair and replacement needs.

Different Types of Garage Doors Springs

The garage door springs come in various types ranging from the torsion springs to the extension springs. There are also springs available for industrial, residential, and commercial use.

garage door torsion spring Fontana

Torsion Spring

The torsion spring is the most popular and standard residential garage door spring. It has one or two springs depending on the size and weight of the garage door. The EZ-Set torsion spring is ideal for two-car garages. It has a center back support bracket that accommodates the great width of the garage door.

There are the commercial torsion types springs that use the linear, duplex, triplex, and mixed systems. Such door garage springs are recommended for large, heavier commercial and industrial doors.
Other types of garage door springs include the steel rolling door torsion and one-piece curtain door torsion. Extension springs come in one-piece and sectional types, unlike the steel rolling door torsions.

Full Garage Door Spring Servicing

At ASAF, we are certified and insured to offer garage door springs repair and replacement services. We have the expertise and knowledge to deal with garage door springs, how they operate, and how to ensure the springs work effortlessly and seamlessly as required during installation.

We can work with all kinds of springs for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. We also offer maintenance and repair services too. Contact our experts at ASAF and get your issues resolved in no time.

Expert Torsion Spring and Extension Spring Replacement

Our Experts at ASAF Garage Door Spring repair in Fontana will decide whether you spring can be repaired or need to be totally replaced. It does not matter whether you are using extension or torsion springs, is a risky procedure that should be left to the experts. The danger arises from the wound torsion spring torque and the extension spring’s stretch.

It is therefore important to ensure only a skilled professional with the required skills and expertise handles the repairs and replacement. Also, someone with a proper understanding of how the garage spring doors operate will avoid any potential injuries, accidents, and risks. Experts at ASAF for garage door spring replacement in Fontana will offer safe, reliable, and expert spring replacement at an affordable cost. Contact us today!

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